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Welcome to the website of the community of owners, Lomas de los Monteros, Marbella, Spain.

This website and its facilities have been provided primarily, for the use of the owners, but we realize that others may visit the site intentionally or by accident, including people who may be thinking of coming here to live or stay. This site may help them in understanding the rules of community living in Spain.

Primarily the website is here to provide easy and instant access to information that affects or provides support for the owners themselves, and has been set up taking into account Spanish Law and the laws of Data Protection.


Apartment Maintenance
Owners Consent Form

Property Owners please complete this form.

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Concept of the website

1. To enable speedy communication to all owner anywhere in the world.
2. To enable instant access by e-mail from owners to the administrators.
3. Availability of community statutes as a fixed item.
4. Availability of swimming pool regulations as a fixed item.
5. Availability of emergency and useful telephone numbers as a fixed item.
6. Availability of information about recommended service providers.
7. Items of news, information and reports to owners as a variable and archived page..

Rules of Operation

1. No owners names or data to be Published on the website
2. No community accounts or debtors to be published on website.
3. Amendments and changes to the website can only be made with the authority of the administrator, president and board usually as an agreed decision of all.
4. All information intended for inclusion onto the website, needs to be provided to the web manager (123 Marbella) in digital format (computer generated files)
5. The call for general meetings of owners and the minutes arising from those meetings, will be sent to owners via their e-mail address provided they have agreed in writing that they are willing to receive this information by this method.
The document for authorizing this method of receipt can be found on the website.
6. Only the basic details informing owners of the intended date and venue of the next meeting will be published on the website as a newsflash.
7. All postings will be in Spanish and English and have to be provided to the web manager as such in digital format for inclusion.
8. The address of the website will be http://www.lomasdelosmonterosmarbella.com


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